Orchid Flowers CZ s.r.o.

Orchid Flowers CZ s.r.o. – processing and sale of cut flowers targeted for international retail chains for Central and Eastern Europe.

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Strategic position of the production facility – a significant advantage of our company is an air-conditioned production facility spanning 3,000 m2, situated in the centre of Europe. 

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orchid flowers

Flowers directly from farms – our flowers come exclusively from farms from around the world on the basis of long-standing experience and long-term working relationship with growers.


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Depend on us to always offer your customers fresh and beautiful flowers of the highest quality.

Sale of processed cut flowers

Special orders for processing and logistics of cut flowers

Fair trade products

The state-of-the-art equipment in the Czech Republic

Modern production lines, an air-conditioned warehouse spanning 3,000 m2 with walk-in refrigerators for stocking flowers at precisely specified temperatures

Production capacity

Our current production capacity is 3,000 to 4,000 bouquets and flower arrangements an hour, which allows us to process large quantities of orders

Strategic position in the centre of Europe

Our strategic position in the centre of Europe allows for rapid processing and delivery of orders; we specialise in central and eastern Europe

Prompt response time for requests

We have been collaborating long-term with proven farms in Africa, Thailand, and Holland. Direct supply from farms expedites the entire production process

Freshness of flowers

After being cut on the farm, with subsequent shipping in isothermal, climate-controlled vehicles, and thanks to the latest equipment, technology, and speed of order processing, we guarantee the maximum freshness and quality of our flowers


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Orchid Flowers CZ
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About the company

Our company originated on the basis of long-term experience with the importation and processing of cut flowers on both retail and wholesale levels. Our experience in the sale of flowers acquired over the years is our strength and guarantee of well-executed work.

Our wealth of experience in relation to collaboration with the best cut flower farms across the world ranks our company at the pinnacle of Czech international cut-flower retail chain distributors.